Friday, 28 July 2017

Welcome to Sunshine Drop!

After a very long hiatus, we are back to hosting flat travellers again.  Our traveller is called Star and here she is! M drew her.

We have sent Star via Facebook inbox to her host family and we have obviously kept the original here as a hostess to our visitor.

Our visitor is called Sunshine Drop.  Sunshine Drop was drawn in tandem by two siblings and also made her way to us via Facebook inbox.  Tonight I printed her off and M cut her out and glued her to cardboard to finish the rest of the process.  I will laminate them when I get my laminator back.

As I said, Star is here to host Sunshine Drop and so here they are together:

We will keep you updated of our adventures for the next month :-)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hero Max from Glasgow, Scotland

For the month of July, we have had a Scottish flat traveller visiting us. He came to us from Glasgow. His name is Hero Max.

We have had an action-packed month with Hero Max. We took him to the drama group on the day he arrived and then we went to the Trafford Centre which is a local shopping centre.

The next week, we went to Southport for the Orange Day Parade and it was VERY noisy and a lot of fun. We went by train with some friends.

Here is a photograph of the monument in Southport; all of the parade participants stopped and saluted the monument at the end of the parade route.

We went to Talacre Beach in North Wales for a day trip and it was a VERY windy beach. We really enjoyed it. The tide was out and you had to walk quite a distance to get to water. It was certainly very muddy which made for a speckled child! She had mud splatters on her face :D

We had a birthday celebration because M turned 7 during the month of July and so Hero Max helped me make the birthday cake. He enjoyed baking. In case you are wondering, it was chocolate banana cake. In order to bake with bananas, they must be very ripe, otherwise there is no banana flavour in the cake.

Our final outing with Hero Max was to the local Hat Works which is a hat museum.

We had a very busy month with Hero Max and today he will make his way back to Scotland! It's been very nice to have another 'local' flat traveller. We aren't going to host a flat traveller for August because we have a busy month ahead of us.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Postcard Swap and Flat Travellers

We swapped postcards with five families three in the USA and two in the UK. We did not receive all of the postcards but all of our families received the postcards that we sent!

We had two flat travellers visiting us during May and June. One traveller has to make her way back home to Alabama.

We had a TARDIS visiting us from Lincolnshire in England and a photograph flat traveller visiting us from the USA. I won't be able to post any pictures up on here because the photo is of the child.

Both of our swap partners were Doctor Who fans as is L, my eldest. The rules of the Flat Traveller swap allow for one traveller per child. Our own TARDIS is in America right now and Toto went to Lincolnshire (Toto is M's traveller).

We were quite busy with exams in May and June and so we did not get to do as much as I would normally have done with the travellers.

Until next time.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Postcard Swap

We are starting on a new swapping adventure called postcard swaps. We can swap with up to five families per month.

I will take photos of my postcards before I send them out and post them here and then I will take photos of the postcards we receive.

We are taking a short break from flat travellers at the moment because we have exams that we are getting ready for.

Two essay-style exams that total eight hours makes for an intense time of studying.

Watch this space :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Martha Arrived at Home!

Yesterday I received some very good news about Martha! She arrived home about 40 days earlier than I was told she would! Martha's family told me that she and the treats I sent over for the children arrived and they were pleased with everything that was in the packet.

I am really happy for them because this family had had two failed flat traveller swaps and they reluctantly agreed to give flat traveller swaps another chance with me. After they saw some of my pictures and this blog, they decided to take a chance with swapping with our family.

I have really enjoyed our flat traveller swaps and I think I am more into it than the girls are. I have to be enthusiastic about it because it's for the children. I think that the children on the other end might like to see fun pictures and so I have been known to hand the Flat Travellers to random strangers at a pub and say, 'Here hold this!' and then take their photo (obviously with their consent). When you hand it to one person in the group, they automatically pose with it, then it gets handed around the group.

Once we went to a place where a band was performing and even THEY posed with our visiting flat traveller!

I am happy that the children in West Virginia did not have to wait for almost two months before receiving their little parcel from us and they really loved the brochures that I collected from around the area. I didn't actually visit those places but they had a chance to see what things we could have gone to and what is in the area.

When we do flat traveller swaps we do them for two months at a time or longer because I think one month just isn't long enough!

We are taking a short break from flat traveller swaps for a while but will do postcard swaps instead. That is less labour-intensive. I will post photos up here of the postcards we send and receive so this blog will still be an active blog.

Happy Trails and keep swapping :-)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Farewell Martha Pig and Visit to the Hat Museum

We sent Martha back home to West Virginia today. She will be taking the slow boat to America! The parcel was too heavy to fly to it has to go by boat.

We took Martha to the Hat Museum in our town too and here are some pictures:

We had tea with the Mad Hatter and Alice

Tea with the Mad Hatter and Alice

Martha decided to try on a motorcycle helmet.

We had a birthday party, a few birthday parties actually and Christmas along with New Year's Eve. Martha got to have a lot of celebrations with us and we hope that she has a safe journey home :-)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year From Martha Pig!

I did promise in my last blog post about Martha's visit to Stockport from West Virginia that there was a surprise in store for Martha.

The surprise is that we went on a road trip:

We went on the motorway and drove to Blackpool.

We stayed at the Delamere Private Hotel

This hotel is set to be demolished within the next few years as are all the hotels on the same side of the street and the ones behind it.

While in Blackpool, we saw high tide:

We heard and saw seagulls:

Martha had a good sleep in a nice top bunk:

We rang in the new year in style (faces have been blacked out as I did not get consent to put this picture up):

We are looking forward to the arrival of our engineering box from Dyson and that means we will be putting together a vacuum cleaner. I am sure Martha is looking forward to that!

I hope her family in West Virginia enjoys our TARDIS as much as we are enjoying having Martha with us.

Happy New Year one and all!